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AC Law Group has a team of solicitors known for their advocacy inside and outside the courtroom. Our team of lawyers includes the following advocates.

Deng Adut

Deng Adut lawyer portrait

Deng Adut is a community leader and internationally renowned lawyer. He has been nationally recognised for his achievements with NSW Premier Mike Baird inviting Deng to give the 2016 Australia Day Address, which drew critical acclaim home and abroad. The 2016 Australia Day address can be read here.

Having come to Australia as a refugee, following life as a child soldier in Sudan, Deng put himself through law school and has become a formidable advocate. His life story recently featured in an advertisement for Western Sydney University, which went viral on the internet accruing more than 2 million views. The Western Sydney University advertisement can be viewed here.

Deng practices in the areas of criminal, family, employment and international law. He has not only worked at three reputable Sydney law firms but has also demonstrated a remarkable commitment to social justice having worked at Blacktown Local Court as a liaison officer to the local Sudanese community and at Parramatta Community Justice Clinic, which operates to provide disadvantaged members of the community access to the legal justice system.

Deng is a community award recipient and has been described in the media as a “remarkable person”. He regularly acts as a spokesperson for the Sudanese community and has frequently appeared in the media to advocate for their interests. Deng is committed to making a positive difference and in doing so, devotes many hours of his personal time every week to activities such as mentoring, advising and supporting members of the community.

Joseph Correy

Joseph Correy

Joseph Correy worked for two of the biggest law firms in Sydney that specialise in criminal law before making the decision to open AC Law Group with Deng Adut.

Joseph is an exceptional criminal lawyer whose experience ranges from traffic matters and drug possession to murder and drug supply. He is a solicitor who can be counted on to put forward a client’s case with vigor. Renowned for his commitment to his clients and detail to the law, Joseph is an advocate who fights passionately for people’s rights. Whether criminal or family law, he provides honest and accurate advice and ensures his clients’ cases are prepared in a manner that has consistently gained the best outcomes. Whether in the Local Court or before a jury in the District Court or Supreme Court Joseph gets clients results.

Joseph is a firm believer in equality before the law. He is committed to building a firm that provides optimum legal representation to all people and has introduced flexible, affordable pricing to ensure those in the community aren’t subjected to injustice.

In addition to his daily advocacy in the Local Court, District Court and the Supreme Court of NSW, as well as the Federal Magistrates Court and the Family Court of Australia, Joseph has a history of community advocacy. Having grown up in Redfern, he has advocated for improved relations between the Indigenous community and police, mentored young people from South Sydney, as well as lobbied politicians for the redevelopment of Redfern.

Joseph aims to build a firm the city can be proud of.

Mayaz Raihani

Mayaz Raihani portrait

Mayaz Raihani is not your everyday lawyer, he’s a genuinely caring problem solver. Combining a list of degrees and qualifications and a Solicitor with a Masters of Law in Commercial Litigation, with years of experience in a diverse range of industries as well as solid experience in growing and running businesses, there isn’t much that Mayaz hasn’t accomplished.

When it comes to giving clients advice you can rest assured that Mayaz will view your matter from a perspective not many Solicitors can see. Thinking outside of the box, Mayaz will offer you possible solutions to any challenge saving you stress, time and money. Where other Solicitors advise their clients to go to court Mayaz quite often finds solutions outside of court resulting in numerous benefits to the client.

Mayaz tries to make the relevant law and legal processes as simple as possible for clients to understand so that they can make the right and informed decisions.

Having been involved in a range of matters from extremely complex litigation worth millions of dollars making headlines in the news to simple at the table negotiations, no matter what the challenge, Mayaz is always there to help. His knowledge and research skills are extremely developed almost always resulting in new solutions or arguments.

Outside of legal work Mayaz is often found presenting on a range of topics to organisations, local High Schools as well as mentoring students helping them make the right decisions towards their future career paths.

Feel welcome to give Mayaz a call to chat or just come over in person, he’ll always make time for you.

Fardin Nikjoo

Fardin Nikjoo portrait

Fardin Nikjoo is AC Law Group’s migration specialist. He is a solicitor and registered migration agent. Prior to his work at AC Law Group, Fardin founded the successful and respected migration agency Nik Brown Migration. Throughout his career, he has helped people in the community obtain Australian visas for themselves and their loved ones, assisting people here and abroad in the community and in detention.

No matter the class of visa, Fardin has experience getting clients the best possible result. From visa applications to challenging refusals or cancellations of visas, Fardin has the knowledge and tenacity to successfully deal with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, tribunals and courts. With migration being one of the most rapidly changing areas of the law, Fardin prides himself on closely monitoring changes to the Migration Act and government policies. His degree in politics gives him an extra edge in understanding how the current political and economic environment drives Australia immigration policies.

Fardin has proven irrespective of the government of the day, he can negotiate the immigration landscape to ensure client’s put forward their strongest case addressing the criteria and concerns of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Fardin views immigration law holistically. He understands that having a visa granted is a life changing experience for his clients and their families. He understands the devastation and worry that having a visa refused or cancelled can cause to an individual and families. It for this reason that Fardin works tirelessly to ensure everything within his power is done to put forward the strongest case possible. To this day, Fardin still experiences a sense of pride and satisfaction when he tells a client they can now call Australia home.

Jessica Hewage

Jessica Hewage portrait
Jessica Hewage completed her internship under the tutorage of AC Law Group partners Deng Adut and Joseph Correy and was immediately offered a position upon being admitted as a solicitor. She is a natural advocate, who comes from a family of esteemed lawyers and has criminal law is in her blood.

Since Jessica joined AC Law Group, she has developed her ability as a skilled advocate in criminal matters, having appeared regularly in sentence, hearings and bail applications in the Local Court as well as instructing counsel in a number of serious criminal cases in the District Court including aggravated sexual assaults and robberies.

Jessica, however, brings a dimension to the firm well beyond her criminal law experience. Prior to joining AC Law Group, Jessica worked for a state government agency providing free assistance to people facing legal problems including in the areas of criminal, family, civil and traffic law. Her all round experience makes her one of AC Law Group’s most valued solicitors as she is able to provide accurate and timely advice on a wide range of legal matters well beyond her peers in the industry.

Having providing free assistance in her work prior to AC Law Group, Jessica possesses an uncanny ability to relate to and assist people from all walks of life. She specifically sort out employment at AC Law Group on account of the firm’s reputation for excellence and emphasis on social justice. Since becoming part of the team, Jessica has not only excelled as a private lawyer but has also represented clients referred by the Law Society’s Pro Bono Scheme.

From her ingenuity and skill in the court room, Jessica is the pride of AC Law Group and a fitting heir to her family name.

Neil Chow

Neil Chow portrait

Neil Chow is AC Law Group’s latest recruit, having been headhunted from another Sydney criminal law firm. Neil comes to AC Law Group as a senior solicitor having worked in a number of boutique practices over the years on serious criminal matters such as commercial supply of drugs and murder. On account of his hard working ethic and pleasant disposition, Neil has garnered respect amongst the legal fraternity and the wider community.

Neil’s dedication to clients is second to none. He is renowned for his patience and empathy in clients’ issues and it is with this committed approach he is able to establish admirable rapport with them and achieve solid results. Whether the matter is a bail application, defended hearing, sentence or trial, clients can be rest assured that he will engage them thoroughly and rigorously in gathering extensive materials, conducting productive conferences and putting their best case forward.

Growing up and being educated in Australia, Neil comfortably engages a diverse client base of various nationalities. However as an ethnic Chinese, he also has an interest in engaging and serving the Chinese Cantonese community with their criminal legal defence needs. Neil is driven in establishing a sizeable market of such clients by differentiating his service through his strong command of spoken and written English and the law, accurate advice and understanding of their cultural norms.

With Neil’s skills set and ambitions for the growth of AC Law Group, he adds another dimension to the firm’s efforts to assist the wider community and contribute to our ongoing advocating against injustice.

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