Criminal lawyer Joseph Correy – Weekly round up

Criminal lawyer Joseph Correy, at an appeal in the district court, had a client acquitted of recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm and their prison sentence of 22 months set aside. He also obtained an Intensive Correction Order (good behaviour bond) for a client charged with cultivating prohibited plants by indoor means for a commercial purpose. He successfully argued for a good behaviour bond for a client charged with sexual touching and another good behaviour bond without conviction for a client charged with driving whilst suspended. He also, on appeal after a client used a different lawyer in the local court, was successful in having a client referred to the drug court rather than serving a 20 month prison sentence. He also convinced police at Blacktown to withdraw domestic violence charges against a client of his, saving his client the costs of a defender hearing.

The remainder of his week was spent in trial fighting for an acquittal for 2 co-accused, with that case due to complete later this year.

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