Drink Driving

Facing a drink driving NSW charge? Australian Criminal Law Group are highly experienced drink driving lawyers, and have successfully defended many people who have been charged with a drink driving offence.

Drink Driving NSW charges

Being charged with DUI or PCA offences can be a very stressful experience – especially if you rely heavily on your driver’s licence. You need expert help, and AC Law Group will be beside you every step of the way, providing you with drink driving defence.

Types of drink driving offences

There are many categories of drink driving offences, which can be very confusing:

  • Novice Range PCA
  • Special Range PCA
  • Low Range PCA
  • Mid Range PCA
  • High Range PCA

DUI (based on observations of your behaviour rather than blood-alcohol levels).

You can rely on your DUI Lawyer at AC Law Group. The senior lawyer working on your DUI case will clearly explain the drink driving charges against you, advise you of the best approach and represent you in court. In fact, we’ll do everything possible to defend you against your drink driving charge, and help you keep your licence.

Our solicitors are experts at obtaining section 10 dismissals for Driving Under the Influence. For DUI offences, we offer fixed fees with no hidden extras.

Fill in the form today, and get the experts at AC Law Group on your side as your drink driving lawyer. We fight hard so your life is not destroyed by a momentary mistake behind the wheel of your car.


Serving clients from offices in Parramatta, Blacktown, and the Sydney CBD, we are Sydney’s top criminal law experts, with a reputation for fighting for our clients’ rights.

Our lawyers have represented clients in some of the highest-profile cases in Australia. This includes sexual assault, murder, and large-scale drug importations. Our lawyers also appear in traffic and other smaller matters.  Our clients come to us as everyday people, falsely accused of a crime or who wish to minimise the impact of a terrible mistake.


Australian Criminal Law Group is dedicated to getting the best possible results. When you engage AC Law Group, you will have the empathy, commitment, and experience you need to get you through your difficult situation and achieve a not-guilty verdict or the minimum penalty for your crime.

To make our services available to as many clients as possible, we offer our initial appointment free of charge.   We will discuss your case and potential payment plans as part of this meeting.  Fixed fee, payment plans and reduced pricing can be considered (this is decided on a case-by-case basis). We may also offer assistance with Legal Aid matters.

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