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Australian Criminal Law Group are criminal lawyers, specialising in drug charges, with 500+ 5 star Google reviews.

Our drug lawyers in Sydney are experts at drug supply, drug possession, and drug importation offences.

We are ranked the best drug lawyers in Sydney and offer offer free first consult and fixed fees.

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Drug Lawyers Sydney 

The best Sydney drug defence lawyers specialising in defending, sentencing and bail, for drug supply, drug possession and drug importation offences. 

Our clients range from first offenders facing possession charges to gang members in large commercial drug syndicates. We have successfully defended many people who have been charged with a drug-related offence. We obtain acquittals, bail, lenient sentences and no convictions for our clients. We can help you too.

We are award-winning drug lawyers, with 500+ 5 star Google reviews across our three offices. You can read our reviews here and or more about our criminal law team here.

Named the “Best Drug Lawyers in Sydney”

Australian Criminal Law Group is home to Joseph Correy, who is recognised as the best drug lawyer in Sydney. 

Common drug offences in NSW

Good lawyers for drug charges must have expert knowledge in all areas of criminal drug defence:

Drug Possession: No conviction or criminal record

The consequences of a drug conviction can be catastrophic for a person’s employment or travel plans. Such charges can be difficult to defend when drugs are literally found on a person. For this reason, you need expert advice from experienced drug lawyers like our team at Australian Criminal Law Group.

It is even possible to avoid a criminal record if you have been caught with illegal drugs and you chose to plead guilty. Section 10, non convictions, are possible for drug possession charges with the right legal team in your corner.  Australian criminal Law Group’s drug defence lawyers have proven it’s capable of even getting more serious possession charges reduced and no convictions recorded, where maximum penalties would otherwise have included imprisonment.  

Read more about getting a section 10 and no criminal record here.

Drug Supply

Supply a prohibited drug is one of the most serious drug offences. Penalties for Supplying prohibited drugs vary widely depending on the type of drug and the quantity of drug the charge relates to but can include imprisonment of 2 years to up to life in prison.  

Our clients include members of large commercial drug enterprises, dial-a-dealer drivers, and first-time offenders charged with one-off supplies. Our criminal lawyers no how to beat drug supply charges. We have drugs supply charges dismissed without convictions, and without our clients being sentenced to prison.

We get the best result for you whether you a charged with a smaller supply offence like selling MDMA to friends at a music festival or, a serious drug offence like supplying a large commercial quantity of ice. 

Drug Importation

Importing drugs into Australia is a Commonwealth offence.  

Importation cases vary significantly in strength. Our lawyers know how to beat charges based on circumstantial and unreliable evidence. Our criminal lawyers tear into co-accused informants who roll on their friends and associates to save their own skin. We attack police experts who interpret conversations as being codes for importations. We challenge visual and voice identifications of people that police claim to be our clients. 

If our clients plead guilty, we get them the most lenient sentences. 

Bail for Drug Offences

Bail applications are high stakes because if unsuccessful, a person may stay in prison for weeks months or years, waiting for their case to finalise. This is especially the case for drug charges, which are often lengthy, involve multiple co-accused, and have voluminous briefs of evidence.

Being bail refused is a terrifying prospect for someone who has never been to prison and may not think they are tough enough to survive. Even for people who have been in and out of prison before, the prospect of being refused bail is confronting. It takes them away from their children, wives, family, and friends.

Australian Criminal Law Group have a team of lawyers that are experienced with bail applications for drug offences. Our drug lawyers are well versed in the requirements for a successful bail application, the supporting information needed and how to present the supporting evidence to ensure the applications success.

Why Contact Australian Criminal Law Group?

Australian Criminal Law Group’s drug lawyers are on your side. The drug lawyer working on your case will clearly explain the drug charges against you, advise you of the best approach and represent you in court. In fact, we’ll do everything possible to help you avoid a drug-related conviction.

When you engage Australian Criminal Law Group, you will have the empathy, commitment and experience you need to get you through your difficult situation and achieve a not-guilty verdict or the minimum penalty for your crime. We have a proven track record in defending drug charges and keeping our clients out of gaol. Also, depending on how serious the charges are, in having the drug offence dealt with by way of section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act. This means that no criminal conviction will be recorded.

To make our services available to as many clients as possible, we offer our initial appointment free of charge. After gaining an understanding of your case, we can discuss a fixed fee, a payment plan or the potential for a reduced price (this is decided on a case-by-case basis). We may also offer assistance with Legal Aid matters.

We have offices in Parramatta, Blacktown and the Sydney CBD and can be contacted on (02) 8815 8167 or by website enquiry.

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