Penalties in NSW

Read about the penalties that courts in NSW can impose for various crimes.  Get in touch with Australian Criminal Law Group if you have been charged with an offence. 

Apprehended Violence Orders

Australian Criminal Law Group are Sydney’s best criminal lawyers to fight Apprehended Violence Orders. We know how to beat Apprehended Violence Orders. Our criminal lawyers work with clients and their families to have them thrown out of court. 

Community Correction Order

Community Correction Orders Community Correction Orders are sentences that require you to not commit any further offences for a period of time. If you commit further offences during the period of the Community Correction Order you can be resentenced for the offence to which the Community Correction Order related


Fines and Penalty Notices   Fines are something most of us are aware of in relation to traffic offences. However, fines can also be issued by the courts in Australia in addition to the police for a range of criminal offences.  

Conditional Release Order

What is a conditional release order? A conditional release order is a sentence that requires you to not commit any further offences for a period of time. If you commit further offences during the period of the Conditional Release Order you can be re-sentenced for the offence to which the Conditional Release Order related.


Imprisonment or full-time custody means being sentenced to go to prison for a period of time.  When being sentenced to imprisonment, the judge will set a full-term of the sentence as well as a seperate non-parole period.  

Intensive Correction Orders

What is an intensive corrections order NSW? Intensive Correction Orders are sentences of imprisonment served in the community.  Those sentences can be for up to two years for one offence and three years for multiple offences. 

Section 10 – No Conviction

No Conviction recorded with a section 10 dismissal No Conviction recorded or section 10 dismissal is a great result should you be found guilty of an offence.  It means no conviction is recorded which is the equivalent of no criminal record.

Section 14 (was section 32) Mental Illness

Section 14 Mental Illness Defense (was section 32) If you suffer from mental illness, Australian Criminal Law Group has Sydney’s best criminal lawyers for section 14 applications (was section 32) to have your criminal charges dismissed. Mental health is no longer the taboo subject it once was with the community and governments of Australia.

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