Public Order Offences

Public Order Offences NSW

Public order offences are, as their name suggests, offences relating to keeping the good order of the community.  These types of offences are generally relating to violence or intimidation in public or the destruction of public property.  Public Order Offences act as a means for the police to keep the peace.

Public Order Offences are dealt with under the Summary Offences Act 1988.  Being Summary Offences, they are not considered to be serious offences.  However, they may not be serious, they still carry maximum penalties that include imprisonment, depending on the crime.

Some of the common offences dealt with in the Act include;

How do I beat a Public Order Offence charge?

For a Public Order Offences to take place, the conduct must have happened in a public setting, in or near a school.  They are, as such, most likely to take place in busy, high foot-traffic areas.  This can make it difficult to prosecute.  For example, if you happen to be passing through an area where there is multiple people acting offensively, rioting or otherwise, you could be wrongfully arrested.

Public Order Offences act as a means for the police to keep the peace.  However, it is often the case that police wrongfully charge people with these offences, acting unreasonable or unfair in many circumstances.  When this happens, Australian Criminal Law Group can easily defend your case.

Get in touch with Australian Criminal Law Group to help you beat charges of public order offence against you.

Pleading Guilty

If you plead guilty to the offence you’ve been charged with, the matter will progress to sentencing.  An early guilty plea will likely result in a discounted sentence of up to 25% and so is likely to work in your favour.

The courts can still take charges seriously, even though they may be summary offences.  As such, it is still very important to get in touch with expert criminal lawyers, should you wish to enter a guilty plea.

Australian Criminal Law Group are the best defence 

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