OneFour rapper Dahcell ‘Celly’ Ramos has two sentences quashed


OneFour rapper Dahcell ‘Celly’ Ramos has two sentences quashed, slashing his non-parole period 

Criminal lawyer Steven Mercael represented core member of Sydney’s rap group OneFour, rapper Dahcell ‘Celly’ Ramos in court earlier this month and successfully appealed a lengthy prison sentence imposed on him. The appeal slashed the sentence imposed on Mr. Ramos for wounding, assault, and robbery offences that took place in 2018.    

After the appeal, OneFour on behalf of Mr Ramos released the following statement on its Instagram: “Just wanna give a big thanks to the heavenly father, family, friends, the people at AC Lawyers for making this outcome happen, and everyone that was behind me. I’m thankful and glad to say that my appeal was won and my sentence was reduced. 

By way of background, Mr. Ramos was represented by another law firm at the District Court in 2019 and Mr. Ramos was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years prison in 2019 with a 6-year non-parole period 

Sydney Criminal Lawyer Steven Mercael of Australian Criminal Law Group appealed the sentence to the Supreme Court of NSW. As a result, Mr. Ramos’ non-parole period was reduced to four years and nine months with maximum jail term of eight years. 

The robbery charge involving the use of a knife and wounding charge were extremely serious. Some of the charges arose from an incident where the victims, Troy Taylor and Anthony Hayward, were intoxicated and made racial comments and slurs towards OneFour group member Salec ‘Lekks’ Sua. Consequently, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Hayward were set upon by three members of the OneFour Group, including Mr. Ramos. 

Mr. Ramos was seen on CCTV footage to have wielded a hammer, leaving one of the men unconscious and bleeding.  For his involvement in the incident, Mr. Ramos was charged with one count of Assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company, as well as one of Wound with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and a third of Assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company.   

The appeal was successful after it was argued that the sentence was unreasonably excessive compared to others handed out to co-offenders Jimmy VasuaafagaPio ‘YP’ Misa and Salec ‘Lekks’ Sua.  They were sentenced to four and four and a half years in 2019 for the attack.  The legal principle relied upon to reduce the sentence is one known as parity.  

It was argued that the sentence was particularly unfair considering that Mr. Ramos was truly remorseful and contrite and had rehabilitated after a difficult upbringing that led to substance abuse and ongoing depression. 

About OneFour  

OneFour is a ‘drill-rap’ group consisting of four core members originating from the Mt Druitt area in Sydney’s western suburbs.  Considered to be pioneers of drill-rap in Sydney, the group had recently reached stardom following clips that went viral online of them performing around the streets of western Sydney.   

OneFour was set to have their first headline Australian tour not long before the imprisonment of three of its members following the Rooty Hill hotel brawl incident.  The tour was canceled prior to the imprisonment, however, due to pressure from NSW police, the group claims.  It is claimed that the Police had deliberately targeted the group because of alleged links to the Mount Druitt street gang that also goes by the name OneFour.   

OneFour’s music is heavily characterised by themes of violence as well as depicting life in the western suburbs of Sydney.    

About Steven Mercael 

Steven Mercael is a criminal lawyer at Australian Criminal Law Group and is considered to be amongst the best criminal defence lawyers.  Steven is a regular defence solicitor for high profile cases including murder and manslaughter trials, as well as, those with high public attention like the OneFour appeal.  

Steven normally works out of Australian Criminal Law Group’s Parramatta office but also represents clients in all courts across Sydney and NSW.    

If you have been accused or charged with a crime and would like Steven or any of our other criminal lawyers to represent you, get in touch with us at or call us on (02) 8815 8167. 


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