Serious sex offence withdrawn at first day of trial

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Criminal lawyer Joseph Correy and barrister Doug Marr have continued their unbroken streak of wins at trials for serious sex offences with the DPP withdrawing an aggravated sexual assault charge before the start of a 5 day trial. The defence had compiled volumes of text messages, Facebook messages, and Whatsapp, that showed the complainant to be the liar that our client had always claimed she was. Ultimately, the DPP buckled and our client is free to go on about his life.

This is what our client had to say: “I can’t thank Joseph from Australian Criminal Law Group and barrister Doug Marr enough. I made the best decision in changing my lawyers and going to Australian Criminal Law Group. My previous lawyers were just trying to milk out money. Joseph was very supportive from the beginning and got my charges withdrawn. God bless you mate.”

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