NSW Australian of the Year Deng Adut calls President Trump’s immigration ban ‘hypocritical’

South Sudanese refugee and NSW Australian of the Year Deng Adut has spoken out against US President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban, telling Channel 9 the “punishment of weak countries has to stop“.

Mr Adut, a lawyer and author who dedicates his time providing Sudanese refugees with legal advice at his Blacktown practice, said that if Mr Trump “succeeds with this ban…the countries on the list should exclude Americans“.

America should be forced to leave Iraq and Syria and any other countries on the list where their military personnel and civilians are present,” he said.

Mr Adut is the 2017 NSW Australian of the Year.

The hypocrisy is too much.

The culture of punishing the innocent and weak countries has got to stop. It’s not stopping wars; it’s creating them. It’s creating economic deprivation for the local people; the victims are the poor, the ones that have no skills, the refugees.”

There are home-grown threats in America that Trump should be focusing on, instead of the perceived threats of foreigners.”

The 33-year-old managed to escape his war-torn home with the help of his brother and resettled in Australia in 1998.

The 33-year-old moved to Australia in 1998.

His was the third Sudanese family ever to be accepted into the country under refugee status.

Mr Adut taught himself English before enrolling at university and pursuing a career in criminal law.

Despite experiencing multiple instances of racism, he remained determined to embrace his new home and help his community.

Deng Adut is a partner and co-Founder of Australian Criminal Law Group.

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